The Lancaster County Muzzleloading Rifle Association, also known as the Rock Creek Renegades, was established in 1982 and first held its meetings and shooting events on property near Davey.  The organization moved to the current location in 1992 and was incorporated for the purposes of promoting historical appreciation of early America and the firearms of early America, reviving the sport of muzzleloading, educating the public about muzzleloading and providing a location and sponsoring organized activities for muzzleloading and historical reenactments. 

The club now owns 27 acres of property with 25, 50, 75 and 100 yard ranges for shooting traditional, patched round-ball muzzleloading firearms.  Muzzleloading shotgun events and knife, hawk and archery competition are also conducted as part of the organization's events and activities.

Salt Creek meanders through the property and a bridge has been constructed to provide access from the parking and camping areas to the the shooting range on the other side.  Carts are provided for transporting shooting and camping equipment across the bridge.  The area remains primitive with no electricity or plumbing, but a well with a hand pump provides excellent water. 

Primitive camping and clothing appropriate to the fur trade era of pre-1840 are encouraged, however, neither is required for participation in regular club events.  No vehicles are allowed in primitive areas of the property, but areas are designated for parking and modern camping.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month, except in June, July and December.  The second Sunday of the months of March through October are identified for informal gathering to shoot or participate in other programs or activities at the range as the weather permits. 

Persons interested in belonging to the organization are encouraged to attend a meeting or event, get acquainted with some of the members and learn more about the group before considering membership.  An application is required and new members are voted in once they become active in the club.